Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to SIMPLYTRACK

Up to 12 hours of past weather can be viewed graphically with different weather type options.

The source of the Weather Charts supported is OpenWeatherMap.


  • Go to ‘Terminal List’.
  • Select a vessel name
  • Click on the ‘view log’ link under GPS Log or Alarm Log column
  • Go to ‘Playback’ menu
  • Select a vessel name
  • Select the desired duration using the date and time range filter option on the top right hand side on the map and the click on “Generate”
  • A ‘Trip Info’ popup will appear.
  • Click on the CSV link to download raw data in CSV format, or click on the KML link to get the google earth format.
  • The Server will keep the historical data for up to 90 days by default.
  • User can upgrade for longer duration by inquiry.

Yes, it is possible to create different geo-fences with overlapping areas as they are all independent of one another.

There are a maximum of 10 geo-fences supported for each vessel for now.

Currently the maximum number of polygon points supported is 10 per polygon.

There is no limit to the number of vessels that can be tracked in an account.

When both time and distance intervals are set, then it will trigger a position update when any one of the conditions (time lapse / distance travelled) occurs first.