Radio Design competency includes RF analog front-end HPA and LNA design for high-power wireless products such as L-band satellite terminals. Proven capabilities in the design and development patch or omni-directional antenna, antenna integration and matching for a wide variance of fixed and mobile wireless terminals. Design and development of VHF to 5.6GHz products for consumer devices and up to 8GHz C band transceiver are well within the proven libraries of our RF capabilities.

Image shown below is a 7-segment antenna developed. Algorithms for digital beam forming techniques that can be used in satellite communications

7-segment antenna

Addvalue has, through its numerous successful developmental works, proven its capabilities in the design and development of directional, omni-directional antenna and tracking antenna suited for vehicular and maritime operating environments.

Facilities-wise, Addvalue is equipped with a built-in RF anechoic chamber for RF and antenna evaluations, apart from all the necessary  specialised RF test instrumentation capable of up to 40GHz.