Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is a vessel tracking solution to meet the respective country’s Fishery Authority’s mandatory regulatory requirements to address Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Addvalue’s VMS is a cost effective, reliable and advanced solution compared to the legacy VMS systems being used currently. The VMS solution offered with iFleetONETM terminal is a 2-in-1 solution, with a built-in VMS position reporting engine, is not only used for meeting the VMS regulatory vessel tracking requirements, but also used as a general purpose broadband communication terminal for general purpose data and voice communications of the crew.

The embedded VMS engine reports both automatic and on-demand location updates of the vessel to the respective authorities. It comes with an intuitive graphical web interface for submitting electronic forms in real-time and a dedicated email service to exchange emails between the fishing vessels and the respective fishery authority that can be accessed via a laptop, PC or a smart mobile device.

Further features include on demand change of position reporting frequency at the control of the respective fishery authority without involving any human intervention on-board the vessel. Moreover, the built-in VMS Engine uses a separate and ‘always on’ data connection for easier segregation of the position data volume consumed each month.

  • Automatic and On-Demand Position Updates: It offers automatic location updates at the predefined reporting intervals and on-demand reporting at the control of the fisheries authorities. Also, it allows temporary change of reporting frequency when required by the authority.
  • Effective Communications: It offers email communication service between the fishing vessels and the respective fisheries authorities for effective two-way messaging to ensure better regulatory compliance on legal, regulated and reported fishing activities for sustainable and eco-friendly fishing.
  • Improved operational efficiency: It offers an option for online e-forms submission for timely reporting of fishing activities to improve the operational efficiency, enabling digital documentation and management.
  • Abnormal Event Alerts: It detects any intentional tampering of the terminal such as snapping of the antenna cable to evade tracking or unintentional loss of power, loss of GPS and/or Satcom signals and triggers audio visual local alerts on board vessel and sends alert messages to the authorities when the system resumes normal operation.

Other Key Features

  • Geo-fencing
    • Supports configurable geo-fences and sends Alert Message upon entry and/or exit.
    • Automatic change of the reporting frequency on selected geo-fenced areas.
  • Vessel Location History Records
    • Stores a minimum of 1000 past location history for future reference when required to prove compliance.


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