Addvalue Internet of Things (IoT) , Extending global connectivity for IoT

Addvalue extends the connectivity for IoT beyond the limitations of terrestrial network through a hybrid of connectivity solutions combining the benefits of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) with satellite-based M2M options.

LoRa-WAN (Long Range) is one of the LPWAN technologies, designed to allow low-powered devices to communicate with internet-connected applications over long ranges with low bandwidth. It is a low cost solution uniquely suitable for use in wide and diverse applications.

Combining this with a highly reliable global satellite network, this solution seamlessly connects devices and sensors across the globe.

Addvalue is your ONE stop shop for delivering an end-to-end LoRa-WAN solution to address your IoT requirements.

Our key capabilities are:

  • Expert in wireless technologies and satellite  communication
  • Extensive knowledge in integrating LPWAN with your system
  • Product engineering and design services
  • Providing an end-to-end LoRa solution that is  customizable based on your needs


Addvalue LoRa-WAN solution provides key building blocks from customer’s end user devices to customer information system, enabling diverse applications in various different vertical markets.

As an alternative, we also offer an integrated configuration of the LoRa gateway together with the network server and application server, for data optimisation over the backhaul links.

The backend system consists of a Network server (or Device Management server) and an Application server.

Device Management Server

  • Device Provisioning and Configuration
  • Monitoring and Status Updates
  • Connectivity Setup

Some examples of IoT applications

Addvalue_LoRa-WAN_with bar and freq band

Benefits of Satellite based IoT solution

  • Seamless global coverage
  • Secured Network
  • High reliability and availability

Benefits of LPWAN based IoT solution

  • Long Range (up to 15 to 30 km in rural areas and 1 to 5 km In urban areas)
  • Low Power (up to 10+ years of battery lifetime)
  • Low-Cost Communication (radio chipset cost 2€ and operating cost of 1€ per device per year)