Capella Space to add more Inter-Satellite Data Relay Systems to its SARS constellation, connecting its LEO payloads to Earth immediately via GEO satellites

London    01.07.21

Capella Space (“Capella”) has announced its intention to equip additional satellites in its SAR constellation with Addvalue Innovation’s Inter-satellite Data Relay System (“IDRS”) terminals. These additional terminals are scheduled for delivery in 2021 and 2022. This announcement follows the launch of Capella’s first operational LEO satellite in August 2020 plus the launch of four additional Capella SAR satellites so far in 2021. The entire constellation has demonstrated continuous successful operation of the onboard IDRS systems as these satellites have entered service since the transmission of the first live data operational command last November.

Whilst the satellite industry continues to debate the merits of low earth orbit (LEO) versus geostationary (GEO) networks, the IDRS service proves that not only do these technologies not have to be mutually exclusive, but indeed, by combining strengths, they can deliver a premium solution.

Todd McDonell, President, Inmarsat Global Government, remarked, “IDRS proves once again the versatility, reliability and uniqueness of the Inmarsat BGAN system. We are proud to enable Capella Space with constant connectivity to its fleet of LEO satellites, thus providing an unrivalled advantage to enhance their business model. It is also important to note that the launch of Inmarsat-6 will further augment the capabilities of Inmarsat BGAN to support innovative solutions like IDRS and beyond.

Capella’s position as the first commercial customer with IDRS technology was borne of the company’s commitment to the importance and power of maintaining a real time connection with their entire LEO constellation at any given time.  Recognizing that the physics of low orbit satellites could not achieve this requirement with earth stations alone, Capella leverages the power of the IDRS service, delivered by Addvalue and Inmarsat over the I4 L-band network, to enable real-time tasking and low latency data delivery of 24/7 all-weather Earth Observation data.

Payam Banazadeh, CEO and Founder of Capella commented, “We are focused on delivering very high quality, low-latency SAR data to our customers. We have been using the IDRS service in our growing constellation for over seven months, and the capability it has provided for us to undertake real-time tasking has been a game changer. This service enables us to offer high temporal resolution precisely when and where our customers need data at sub-meter resolution.

Dr Colin Chan, CEO and Chairman, of Addvalue added: “The Addvalue IDRS terminals onboard Capella’s LEO satellites have allowed Capella Space to stay in constant real time contact with their satellites since the first live operational IDRS transmission in November 2020. The announcement of Capella’s intent to equip additional SAR satellites with IDRS terminals is a solid affirmation of the benefits of having the IDRS real-time connectivity on-board the entire constellation. We shall continue to do our utmost to support Capella as they continue to deploy their constellation of SAR satellites.



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