Increased RF channels will allow for more versatility and allow customers to integrate module into their designs, making them more compact yet

Singapore, 1 Sept 2022 – Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Addvalue Technologies Ltd (“Addvalue”), a leading player in the mobile satellite communications industry, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd (“AVI”), has started rolling out the ADRS1000™, a state-of-the-art 16-channel Direct Sampling re-configurable wireless System-on-Module (SOM) to target emerging sectors like the 5G, mobile satellite and optimally designed for counter drone market.

This 16-channel module was jointly developed by AVI and Avnet – a leading global technology distributor and solutions provider.

The ADRS1000 SOM module is developed on the back of Addvalue’s rich design heritage in radio frequency (RF) modules and complex FPGA-SoC embedded systems for bespoke wireless applications for use in highly complex and technical industries such as the satellite communications, phased array radar, Software-Defined Radio, beamforming & signal detection/jamming across defence and aerospace sectors.

It is incorporated with the latest AMD-Xilinx Gen 3 Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC (“Zynq Chipset”), which comes with built-in 16 channel 14-bit ADC for adaptive digital radio front-end, Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 processing subsystem and UltraScale+ programmable logic with ample computing resources.  Powered by the unparalleled capabilities of the RFSoC Chipset, the ADRS1000™ has built-in 16G DDR4 and comes with carrier board to provide a reliable and fast time-to-market option for wireless systems. This industrial grade SOM will more than meet the requirements of even the most demanding digital signal processing needs required in today’s increasingly complex digital radio applications.

Lighter, more compact, yet packs more power

Until recently, a wireless embedded system that employs a re-configurable hardware module must have a separate RF front-end in its system architecture. Such a design approach usually runs into limitations when further reduction of size, weight and/or power consumption is required. Armed with the latest ultra-high performance RFSoC Chipset, the ADRS1000™ is well suited to not only significantly reduce size, weight and power consumption of any advanced radio or radar systems, but also help customers accelerate the development and deployment of such complex solutions in the era of 5G and new space and beyond.

Central to the unparalleled reliability of the ADRS1000™ is the strategic collaboration with Addvalue, AMD-Xilinx & Avnet.

The close collaboration with AMD-Xilinx will help ensure availability of the RFSoC Chipsets to enable a faster time-to-market, which is critical in today’s fast-changing operating environments. Together with Avnet, Addvalue will leverage on its wide distribution network to help market the module.

Mr Tan Khai Pang, CEO of Addvalue said: “We are extremely excited about the prospect of the ADRS1000™ because of its versatility and adaptability to a wide range of software-defined radio applications. Our strong relationship with technology leader AMD-Xilinx and other component manufacturers, together with Avnet’s sourcing and procurement capabilities are critical in the prevailing global supply crunch. Avnet will strengthen the market outreach. Avnet has extensive sales channels and solid marketing and customer support for electronic solutions in just about every industry.”

“Addvalue is grateful to have the strong support of both Avnet and AMD-Xilinx.”

Ms Minal Sawant, Senior Director, Aerospace & Defense, AMD said: “AMD-Xilinx is pleased to be part of the ADRS1000™ team’s state-of-the-art 16-channel direct sampling solution.  As the frequency domain gets congested the need for increased bandwidth is on the rise.  The AMD-Xilinx portfolio of monolithic integration of direct RF-sampling data converters onto an adaptive SoC eliminates the need for external data converters, enabling a flexible solution which allows to leverage the same platform to address diverse and constantly evolving requirements especially in emerging applications like drone, counter drones, UAVs.”

Mr Andy Wong, SVP, Avnet Design Services Asia said: “We are pleased to jointly develop the ADRS1000™, which is set to play a revolutionary role in the realms of 5G and space capabilities. This go-to-market SOM, as well as our in-depth customer support and expertise in last-mile design customisation will spur adoption and accelerate development timelines in the anti-drone, passive radar and unmanned aerial vehicle

markets. We are confident that the market will respond well to the ADRS1000™, and have received initial orders for shipment by the end of 2022.”

Among the confirmed customers of the ADRS1000™ are those in the defence and counter unmanned aircraft sector.


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