World's First On-demand Real Time Connection for LEO Satellite

Currently LEO satellites typically operate with limited and non-real-time support through a single or network of earth stations. Each communication session is limited  in duration as are the number of sessions per day.

In the current design and deployment of LEO satellites, there is no “on-demand” support or any communication system to support this type of scenario. This means that LEO satellite operators are unable to provision for real-time reconfiguration, asset redirection or carry out faster anomaly resolution.

Leveraging a commercially available Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite constellation system, Addvalue developed an innovative solution with its proprietary IDRS terminal, coupled with the established Inmarsat’s global communication services, to provide a mean to relay data to and from an orbiting LEO satellite.

The IDRS solution is capable of providing on-demand 24 by 7 data connection services and mid-size data transfer and it is capable of supporting data rates in excess of 200 Kbps for LEO satellites in all orbital inclinations and at altitudes of up to 1000 km.

This is certainly a game changer in the way most commercial LEO satellite operators will be able to operate their satellites. By eliminating the in-sight-of-an-Earth-station limitation and providing an on-demand real-time communications link to LEO satellites, this could provide a reliable platform for new market opportunities for LEO satellite operators in the foreseeable future.

The aim is to provide economical low latency, on-demand data communications services to support LEO satellite operations via IDRS, that will operate via the highly reliable Inmarsat-4 constellation of GEO L-band communications satellites and Inmarsat’s mature Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), and be made available to LEO satellite operators across the globe.