IDRS™ i100 Transceiver

The IDRS i100 Transceiver is a small and compact full duplex radio transceiver that provides full Internet Protocol connectivity to LEO satellites anywhere under the coverage of Inmarsat I4 GEO satellites.

With a size smaller of 125x96x70 mm3  and weight of less than 1Kg, it is developed to last up to a 3 years lifetime.

Antenna Pointing Options

The IDRS™ terminal can support several types of antenna, providing the system different ways of positioning towards the satellite. Antenna selection will be a consideration during mission planning and satellite bus design

The antenna options available are:

Omni Antenna with RF Front End option is designed to support the IDRS™  system to provide coverage in the orbit of the LEO satellite down to 20 Degrees elevation.

Smart Antenna with RF Front End option designed to support the IDRS™   system for us in missions where coverage and availability is important. The smart antenna consists of up to 7 antenna elements arranged conformal to a semi-hemispherical shape. The RF front end consists of a combination of antenna switching and beam forming circuits, and are used to adjust the direction of transmit and receive to and from the Inmarsat GEO satellites.

Note that the service on offer and performance of the above antennas will vary depending on antenna type. Please contact us for more information.