An electronic logbook reporting software and vessel management programs for the commercial fishing industry.

CatchLog is used for catch reporting and vessel management. CatchLog includes global charts, a comprehensive list of ports and an enormous marine species database to assist you in your fishing activities. CatchLog will store all the details of your gear, catch positions, moon phases, species caught, unload details and much more. With CatchLog, you can enjoy paperless log book reporting and have all your fishing and vessel operation information at your fingertips. CatchLog programs can be adapted to suit any fishery anywhere in the world, incorporating the required language, marine species, and data transfer methods.

What can CatchLog do for me?

Enter your fishing data quickly and easily and let CatchLog do the rest. CatchLog can produce reports for:

  • Daily Catch
  • Total On Board
  • Catch Totals
  • Catch Values
  • Unload Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Crew Deductions
  • Crew Share

You can transfer your electronic log book data to your fishing authority via satellite, VMS or internet. Unload records are a breeze as the CatchLog wizards guide you through the process from start to finish. Crew Manager is a feature of CatchLog’s Advanced Mode that takes care of all the calculations for wages, deductions and vessel operating expense. Quota Manager is an extra feature, with an in-built limit warning system, so you know your current total against your quota.