Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to SIMPLYTALK

  • Traditional Walkie Talkie is based on Analog Radio Technology. Hence it is not secure and is prone to eavesdropping. Our SIMPLYTALK service is based on digital technology with both the voice and text messages encrypted. Hence it is highly secure.
  • The traditional walkie talkie works through its base station. Hence its coverage is limited to between 10 and 50km radius. However, the SIMPLYTALK works with backhauling over different Wide Area Networks (e.g., 3G/4G/Mobile as well as Satellite Networks, etc.), hence it offers almost global mobility.
  • Some of the IP based Walkie Talkie models in the market are mostly wired. Hence it does not offer the wireless mobility unlike our solution.

The IP based PTT services offered in the market are not optimised for Satcom usage, and hence not cost competitive; but our solution is specially developed and optimised, offering a better cost competitive voice service.

No, it will cause conflicts if more than one goes online at the same time.

Company contacts are those contacts that are in the SAME closed user group (e.g., all employees of a corporate, all family members, etc.). Non-Company users are those outside your corporate users or outside your family group (e.g. Company ”ABC” and company “XYZ”)

Non-Company user contacts are not shown to protect the privacy of such contacts.

If you want to use this chat solution to talk to someone else from another company, your company would need to have formal agreement between both entities first. Thereafter, contact your service provider for further assistance to include one or more non-company users. The same applies for adding a user from the different family group. Note, such request may come with an additional fee.

No. There is no invitation needed for your friend to join in the chat. As long as your friend is also a registered user of the SIMPLYTALK service and you can find his contacts from the contacts list, you may chat with your friend without any need to send an invitation. It works similarly to that of the SMS service in cellular network, no invitation needed as long as you know the recipient’s valid contact.

Up to 100 contacts for now.

Update/refresh contacts and channels list from the server.

If contact/channel is ‘Set as default channel’, it will be selected automatically after 15 seconds when there is no other ongoing active conversation happening.

Yes, you may, as long as your friend in ship “B” is also a subscriber of the SIMPLYTALK service and you know his/her SIMPLYTALK contact details.