Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to SF2500

The Base Terminal firmware can be upgraded via the RS232 port.

Navigate from drop down menu to download the latest firmware and refer to the Base Terminal Firmware Upgrade Procedure document for more information.

You need to manually configure your time zone in order to get an accurate call log. You can go to Phone manager>>Local time zone to adjust your time zone. The default time zone is UTC+8.

You can enable the password protection for these confidential configurations. It is under Security settings >> Authentication in the menu. Once it is enabled, user needs password to access the following menus, Settings >> reporting >> Settings >> GPS Reporting. The default password is 0000.

It is not GMDSS compliant. However, it does support a distress alert functionality.

There is a yellow distress alert button on the terminal. Press and hold for 5 seconds, a pre-defined distress messages will be sent via SMS.

SF2500 supports distress alert via SMS.

A reporting SMS server number must be defined in order to keep the SMS server number can be configured under Settings>>GPS reporting>>SMS server number in the menu. Distress alerts will be in the form of protocol messages under this configuration. Please refer to the protocol document for more information.

When SMS mode is selected, if you want to receive pre-defined SOS messages, emergency numbers and emergency messages must be pre-configured. They can be configured under Settings>>Alarm >> Alarm reporting button >> Emergency num and Settings >> Alarm reporting >> Alarm button >> Emergency text in the menu. GPS information will be appended to the pre-defined SOS message.

Multiple distress alerts will be sent.

You can find your tracking ID under Settings>>GPS reporting>>Unit ID. All the SF2500 units should have unique tracking IDs.