Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to Seagull 5000i

Connect an Ethernet cable between the PC/laptop and the RJ45 port of the BDU. Open a web browser and type in the address field. The default user name is admin password is admin (case sensitive).

When the modem is busy processing a current AT command (for example activating GmPRS or CS call),at the same time another Terminal Equipment (TE) try to query information using AT command (in this case WebConsole), then it will probably  encounter timeout or display the error message, as there is only one AT command interface with the modem, Refreshing the web page will usually solve the problem. Otherwise, wait for the SAT LED on the BDU has turned orange or green before retrying.

The firmware can be upgraded via WebConsole. Refer to the firmware upgrade information in the Seagull 5000i user guide. Go to Setting>>Admin>>Firmware Upgrade. Please download the latest firmware from the manufacturer website and refer to the BDU Firmware Upgrade Procedure document for more information.

Over the air (OTA) firmware upgrade can be achieved with the following configuration met:

  • The GmPRS tracking enabled.
  • Device is connected to the Addvalue tracking server. Server will issue a command to the unit to retrieve the appropriate firmware. Please enquire about OAT protocol from Addvalue support.

To correct a wrong time zone, the user can manually configure on the handset  using the following instructions:

Go to  Phone manager>>Local time zone to adjust your time zone. The default time zone is UTC+8.

The I/O port is intended for the connection to an external buzzer for incoming call and an external alert button. The external alert button provide the same feature as the yellow alert button on the terminal which send a pre-determined SOS message which includes the time-stamped GPS coordinates of the position to a maximum of three pre-set contacts for emergency response.

Refer to the  illustration for the recommended configuration.


To enable/disable the external alert button, go to Settings>>Alarm reporting>>Panic button>>External for configuration change.

To enable/disable the external buzzer, go to Settings>>Alarm reporting>>External buzzer for configuration change.

The factory reset function in the Phone manager menu will clear the user settings in the phone. Those settings include wallpaper, backlight, tone, volume, language, caller ID, time zone and speed dialling.

The factory reset function in the Terminal menu will clear the user settings in the BDU. Those settings include GPS reporting, operating mode, alarm reporting, geo-fencing, call log and APN.

A system reboot will take place after the factory reset.

The terminal administer can enable the password protection for these confidential configurations under Security settings>>Tracking in the handset menu. Once it is enabled, any changes to the terminal ssetting will require a correct password input to access the following menus, Settings>>Operating mode, Settings>>GPS reporting, Settings>>Alarm and Settings>>Geo-fencing. The default password is 000000.

To send a SMS, the unit has to terminate the current GmPRS session, thus incurring more overheads to the user To make sure that a SMS message is sent out, it is recommended that user select either Phone only mode or SMS tracking mode , before composing the SMS and sending it However, it is expected  that the user is still able to receive incoming SMS in GmPRS mode or GmPRS plus Tracking mode

The user should be able to receive SMS  in these 2 modes most of the time. However, it is expected that there will be delay in receiving SMS if there is a continuous IP (GmPRS) data transfer going on. This might be resulted from the following terminal usage scenarios  : heavy internet surfing, large size file download/upload, Windows updates, PC software update and frequent GPS location update. If you are expecting a timely SMS receiving in these 2 modes, please try to limit the internet usage, turn off the automatic windows and software updates and adjust the GPS reporting frequency to be more than 1 minute. Also ensure that the SIM card SMS memory is not full.