Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to SAFARI™ and SAFARI™ 10

Ensure that there is no blockage for the antenna. Checkthat the antenna cable is secured properly.

Ensure that there is a proper connection at the GPS output port. The GPS output have to be set into Output NMEA data via the Web Console.

Ensure that the Ethernet Cable is plugged into the PoE LAN port (RJ45) or the standard LAN port (RJ45) correctly. Check to ensure that the Ethernet Port on your PC / Laptop is working fine.

First, check that the LAN indication LED is active. Ensure that the IP address of the transceiver is set correctly. Check that no firewall or proxy settings in your PC/ laptop that prevent access to the transceiver.

Ensure that a correct call number is used. Check that the line is not engaged by any other telephony devices. All other telephony devices have to hung up properly. For outgoing call, please ensure there is a dial tone before making the call.

Hang up and retry the phone call again. Some phones can cause the distorted audio if use in high volume. Please lower the volume of the phone in such situation. During the phone call, temporarily disconnect any data connection since high data transmitting may affect the quality of the audio.

Ensure Primary Handset connector/telephone cable is inserted into the port properly. Hang up and retry the call again.

Check the DC power supply input to the transceiver. Check the primary handset whether it is properly inserted to the handset port.

Check that there is no problem with the ethernet connectivity. Make sure that the hostname is entered correctly:

Refresh the web page. Update the web browser to the latest version and retry.