Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to iFleetONE VMS™

We have Service Partners around the world who can help you with the purchase. Pivotel is one of the Service Partners in the USA. Below are their contact details.

Mr. Andy Cool
Sales Director, Special Markets
Pivotel, United States
Work: +1-954-763-8650 x12109
Mobile: +1-954-605-3320
Email:  /

If you are from other part of the world and looking for a different Service Partner closer to you, you may write to We will assist you with the necessary details.

NOAA is providing a reimbursement program which is administered by the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission regardless of which area the vessel operates in. This reimbursement opportunity is available to fishing vessel owners and/or operators that have purchased an approved E-MTU device such as Addvalue’s iFleetONE, in order to comply with fishery management regulations. For units purchased on or after 2.1.2008, the reimbursable expense is the purchase price of a type-approved E-MTU for which the owner and/or operator holds a valid commercial fishing permit or license, not to exceed a maximum of $3,100.00.

  1. Purchase a NOAA/OLE Type-Approved iFleetONE-VMS terminal from one of Addvalue’s authorised Service Providers in the US
  2. Get it installed by an authorised installer and activate it for VMS with NOAA/OLE
  3. Contact NOAA/OLE VMS Helpdesk at +1-888-219-9228 to obtain the four-digit reimbursement confirmation number.
  4. Complete and sign this reimbursement request form or visit for web form.
  5. Mail or fax the reimbursement request form, a copy of the itemized sales invoice, a copy of the Federal Fisheries Permit and a copy of the vessel’s Certificate of Documentation or State Registration to: Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission 205 SE Spokane Street, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97202 – Fax: +1-503-595-3444.
  6. For additional help in completing this form, consult the VMS Request Form Instructions or contact PSMFC at +1-503-595-3100.
  7. If you need further assistance on the reimbursement, you may email to

No. iFleetONE-VMS terminal must be installed only by an Addvalue’s authorised installer, as per NOAA/OLE regulation. You may contact the Addvalue’s Service Partner who sells you the iFleetONE to recommend an authorised installer near you.

If you are in the US and have purchased the iFleetONE from one of Addvalue’s Service Partners, you may contact the respective Service Partner’s support contact directly. For instance, if you  purchased it from Pivotel, then you may contact them as per the details provided below:

2 Oakwood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33020
US: +1 877-379-8723
INTL: +1 865-379-8723

If you are not sure about the contact details of the Service Partner that sold you the unit, then you may contact Addvalue directly as per the contact details provided below:

US: +1-954-736-8829
INTL: +65-9820-1820

Or, click HERE to submit an online support request to Addvalue

Each vessel installed with iFleetONE-VMS shall be assigned with a unique email address, e.g., where “XXX” is the IMEI number of the iFleetONE-VMS terminal. This email address will be used to communicate between the vessel and the NOAA/OLE. The email shall be configured on the Smart Tablet and/or on the Laptop on the vessel as part of the installation process. The captain/the crew needs to activate the user data session periodically to check for any incoming email or upon sending any outgoing email to NOAA/OLE.

This email address (e.g., is only for communications between the vessel and the NOAA/OLE. This email address cannot be used to send emails to any other recipients. Moreover, this email does not allow any attachment but only for two-way communication of messages between the vessel and NOAA/OLE.

Yes. iFleetONE supports internet services such as email at a data speed of up to 150kbps, which is by far the highest data speed among the NOAA VMS approved terminals in the market. At such a data speed, users can send and receive emails whether for personal or company matters using their Laptop / Smart Phone / Smart Tablet connected via WiFi or Ethernet. In other words, you may send/receive emails using your personal and/or corporate emails to/from anyone, with or without any attachment(s).

To have any internet data services via iFleetONE, the user will need to activate the user data session and to deactivate it after use in order to avoid any unwanted background data that may pass through and incur airtime charges unintentionally.

Alternatively, the user may set the user data session permanently on standby mode by configuring the iFleetONE to be “Always ON” (Refer to User Guide for the configuration steps).

All data sessions except NOAA’s VMS data services will incur separate satellite airtime cost. Please contact our Service Partners for the applicable airtime charges.

It is advisable that you activate the Firewall function built in the iFleetONE, where possible, with the support of your IT personnel to filter out and block any unwanted outbound and inbound data traffic.

It is also recommended that users also install an authorised data optimizer such as the Pivotel Optimizer to compress data and save airtime cost.

No. There are two separate data connections, one for the VMS data traffic (for periodic VMS position reporting, Report submissions such as Catch Report, Trip Declarations, etc.) and the other for the user data traffic (for the users to browse Internet, sending/receiving emails, sending/receiving Instant Messages, etc.).

The VMS data session (or data connection) is “Always ON” and is running at the background. It cannot be disconnected by the vessel crew.

Yes, iFleetONE supports making/receiving toll quality voice calls to/from anyone around the globe using the Primary Handset or using any telephone connected to the iFleetONE’s Below Deck Unit (BDU).

Phone calls will incur satellite airtime cost. Please contact our Service Partners for the applicable airtime charges.

Yes, iFleetONE supports making 505 toll-free Emergency calls to the nearest Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) using the Primary Handset or using any telephone connected to the iFleetONE’s Below Deck Unit (BDU).