For Commercial Vessels

Satellite Optimised Email Service by OCENS Mail

OCENS Mail is a satellite optimized and affordable email service that allows you to cost effectively send and receive email over your satellite devices. Supports both desktop and mobile options.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed with optimization for satellite communications
  • Huge savings on satellite airtime expenses
  • Easily sets up your computer and satellite devices in minutes
  • For desktop (Windows, Mac OSX) and mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Photo compression built into the mobile apps to save cost significantly
  • Certified for Inmarsat Fleet One, Fleet Broadband & BGAN, Iridium OpenPort, Globalstar, and soon, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro data service, as well as VSAT systems or any TCP/IP service
  • Works with many existing email software clients such as Outlook
  • No limits on content or attachment size
  • User controlled incoming mail size limits
  • Full support for attachments and HTML messaging
  • Web Mail Access – OCENSMail also gives you the ability to access your account from a local cafe via the web. This also gives you the power to tap into some advanced settings like:
    • Full user controlled Spam Filtering
    • User controlled White and Black listing options
    • OCENSMail is fast and reliable

Satellite Optimised Email Client by ONEMail

OneMail is a satellite optimized email client to access all your personal IMAP email services such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, MS Exchange, AOL, icloud/mac/ and so on, as well as the primarily business-based MS Exchange-based mail services using your smart mobile devices. Use OneMail to quickly check the mail directed to your personal or business mail service, your ‘target’ mail account, from any point on earth.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to all personal and business emails using one single satellite optimized email client
  • Supports iOS and Android