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on Singapore Aerospace 2017


17 November 2016
Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), Mr Iswaran visited Addvalue




Addvalue Technologies, established in Singapore since 1994, is a leading one-stop digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator, which provides state-of-the-art satellite-based communication terminals and solutions for a variety of voice and IP-based data applications.



Tailor to the unique needs of each of our customers and potential customers, we design and provide From-Anywhere-at-Anytime Comprehensive Communications Solutions

From-Anywhere-at-Anytime Comprehensive Communications Solutions
= Our Technologies x Our Capabilities x Satellite Network



Building upon many years of experience developing sophisticated mobile satellite communication terminals, and with a view to expand its business beyond traditional Earth-bound markets, Addvalue began in 2012 to explore the feasibility of developing a terminal suitable for deployment on small LEO satellites. The aim being to provide economical low latency, on-demand data communications known as Inter-Satellite Data Relay System (IDRS™) services to support LEO satellite operations.



WideyeTM is our product brand name. Products commercialised by Addvalue are branded and marketed under which. For more information, please visit us at www.wideye.com.sg


6 February 2018

Addvalue Collaborates With Huaan Xingke, A Beijing Technology Company, to develop Multi-mode Broadband Terminal

2 January 2018

Thuraya, Addvalue Gain Access to Russian Maritime Market

5 October 2017

Addvalue Enters Into New Partnership Targeting 500 Fishing Vessels

22 August 2017

Addvalue Teamed Up With A PRC Partner To Demonstrate Proof Of Concept For The First Outdoor Tourism Securities In Xinjiang Using Satcom IoT

18 August 2017

Addvalue’s Billing Platform Stands Ready to Offer Equipment-cum-Airtime Bundled Services

11 August 2017

Addvalue and Inmarsat sign agreement to launch Inter-Satellite Data Relay Service, a world’s first commercial on-demand communications service to support LEO satellite operations